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Discover Cathar country: history, culture and heritage

Cathar country is located in the south of France, in the Aude department (11). The region is famous for its many Cathar castles, also known as “citadels of emptiness”, clinging to rocky peaks offering breathtaking views over the Aude landscape. These medieval fortifications are important witnesses to the Cathar religion and the Albigensian Crusade, and attract many visitors every year. Cathar castles are not only important historic sites steeped in history, but also unique and fascinating tourist attractions. Book your stay at the campsite to start your odyssey through the Cathar countryside.

The origins of the Cathar religion and the Albigensian Crusade

The Cathar religion was a religious movement that emerged in 11th-century Europe in opposition to the Roman Catholic Church. The Albigensian Crusade was launched in 1209 by Pope Innocent III to eliminate the Cathar religion, resulting in the destruction of many Cathar castles.

The Cathar castles: a journey through time

map of Cathar castles in Cathar country
Le Martinet Rouge campsite in the heart of Cathar country

Discover the Cathar castles around Carcassonne

The Carcassonne region is famous for its medieval fortifications, but also for the Cathar castles that dot its landscape. Cathar castles are relics of the region’s turbulent history, bearing witness to the conflicts between Catholics and Cathars in the Middle Ages. Here’s a list of the most interesting Cathar castles to discover around Carcassonne.

Cathar country is a place full of history and mystery. The Cathar castles of the Carcassonne region, in the Aude department, are jewels of France’s historical and cultural heritage. Here are the 10 castles closest to Carcassonne, worth a visit for their beauty and history.

  1. Lastours castles (15 km)
    The castles of Lastours, perched on a hill, offer breathtaking views over the surrounding valleys. These four fortified castles, Cabaret, Surdespine, La Tour Régine and Quertinheux, were built during the 12th century. They were the scene of numerous battles, notably during the crusade against the Cathars in the 13th century. The châteaux were restored in the 20th century and are now open to the public.
  2. Saissac castle (24 km)
    Situated on a hill near the town of Saissac, the Château de Saissac was built in the 10th century. It was destroyed during the crusade against the Cathars, then rebuilt in the 13th century. Château de Saissac was listed as a historic monument in 1907. Today, it is open to the public and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
  3. Termes castle (29 km)
    Château de Termes sits on a hill overlooking the Orbieu river valley. Built in the 13th century, it has been the scene of many sieges and battles. It was dismantled after the crusade against the Cathars and is now in ruins. Despite this, it remains an impressive site, with its ramparts and towers.
  4. Puivert castle (55 km)
    Château de Puivert is located in the Quercorb region, close to the Pyrenees. Built in the 12th century, it was the meeting place of the troubadours, famous for their songs and poems. The château was abandoned in the 17th century and fell into ruin. It was restored in the 20th century and is now open to the public.
  5. Aguilar castle (58 km)
    Château d’Aguilar sits on a hill overlooking the Roussillon plain. It was built in the 12th century to protect the border between France and Spain. It was destroyed during the Hundred Years’ War, then rebuilt in the 14th century. Now in ruins, it remains an impressive site, with its ramparts and tower.
  6. Montsegur castle
    The Château de Montségur is one of the region’s most famous Cathar castles. It’s about 1 hour’s drive from Carcassonne, on a remote mountain in the Pyrenees. The château was the site of the last Cathar resistance before being captured by French royal forces in 1244. Today, the castle ruins offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.
  7. Puilaurens castle
    Château de Puilaurens is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Carcassonne, on a secluded hillside. Built in the 12th century, it was used as a refuge by the Cathars during the Wars of Religion. The castle is famous for its moat and cylindrical towers, which are in an excellent state of preservation.
  8. Peyrepertuse castle
    Château de Peyrepertuse is located about 1 hour from Carcassonne, on a hill overlooking the village of Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse. It was built in the 11th century and enlarged in the 13th. The château was a refuge for the Cathars and resisted attack for many years. Today, visitors can explore the castle ruins and enjoy views of the surrounding mountains.
  9. Quéribus castle
    The Château de Quéribus is located about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Carcassonne, on a secluded hill near the Spanish border. Built in the 11th century, it was used as a refuge by the Cathars during the Wars of Religion. The château was the last Cathar stronghold to fall to French royal forces. Today, visitors can explore the castle ruins and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
  10. Château d’Arques
    Château d’Arques is located about 30 minutes from Carcassonne, on a hill overlooking the village of Arques. Built in the 12th century, it was used as a refuge by the Cathars during the Wars of Religion. The castle was abandoned in the 17th century, but visitors can still explore the ruins and admire the view.

In conclusion, a visit to the Cathar castles around Carcassonne is a real journey back in time. Each of these castles offers a breathtaking view of the Aude and Cathar landscapes.

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The Tour de France passes through Carcassonne

Are you looking for a sporting vacation in France this summer? Are you passionate about the Tour de France? So don’t hesitate any longer, you’ll have the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful regions crossed by the Tour de France: L’Aude .

The route of the 2022 Tour de France is unveiled! And once again grande boucle will pass through CarcassonneOn July 17, stage 15, one of the Tour’s longest at some 200 km, will start in Rodez and finish in a sprint in Carcassonne, passing through the village of Brousses and Villaret where your camping Le Martinet Rouge will be delighted to welcome you for your short or long stay!

The Tour de France Map

The stages of the Tour de France in Aude

July 17:Stage 15: Rodez – Carcassonne

During this stage, the riders pass close to Le Martinet Rouge campsite in Brousses et Villaret. An event not to be missed by the whole family!

Details of the passage at Brousses and Villaret :

– 2pm: closure of the D103 (300m from the campsite!)

– 3:00 pm Caravan passes through

– 5:00 p.m. passage of runners

– 17H30 opening of the D103

The Route de Carcassonne is strewn with pitfalls, encourages risk-taking and has seen some great breakaways in the past. This year’s course will favour the sprinters. There’s sure to be plenty of surprises.

July 18: Rest in Carcassonne

July 19: Stage 16: Carcassonne-Foix

The entry into the Pyrenees could be the start of a breakaway… if you’re in the right frame of mind, of course. If we are to raise our hands in Foix, we’ll first have to hold our nerve on the way up to Port de Lers, and then make the difference on the Mur de Péguère.

The Carcassonne – Foix stage is decisive as it marks the entry into the Pyrenees massif. Winning in Foix means defying the climb to Port de Lers and distinguishing yourself at the Mur de Péguère. After a rest day in Carcassonne, the Tour de France riders will be under pressure for one of the most decisive stages in the south of France. you’ll need some solid downhill skills to reach the Ariège prefecture over a distance of some twenty kilometers.

For more information, follow this link: https: //

The “ville à vélo du tour de France” label is a resounding success.

80 towns in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and even Ireland applied for the label, which is now widely recognized.

Open to all local authorities that have hosted the Tour de France at least once since its creation in 1903, the label acts as an incentive for communities wishing to step up their policy of promoting cycling in all its forms.

It’s their strong, unwavering commitment that has earned them the label’s yellow jersey.

Above and beyond the awards, this label is above all a way of sparking ambitions in elected representatives for their city. Most of the recommendations are in line with those of the national “Savoir Rouler à Vélo” program, designed to educate the very young by teaching them to ride a bicycle.

The Tour de France, which has contributed to the democratization of cycling since its inception, is envied for the diversity of the roads and towns it passes through, because in addition to being a sporting event of the highest level, it is also exceptionally well organized.

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Book your 2021 vacation now!

Are you worried about the current health situation? How will it evolve over the coming months? Wondering whether it’s “risky” to book your 2021 vacation?

We want to reassure you that the necessary measures are in place:

  • on reception and stay conditions The sanitary protocol put in place since June 2020 continues, and we are maintaining our vigilance to ensure you have a worry-free stay. All rules will be adapted as the health situation and government measures evolve.
  • on booking and cancellation conditions .

If you are unable to go to the campsite due to confinement or the ban on travel, you will receive an AVOIR for 2022 or your money back,

If the campsite is forced to close due to a decision by government authorities, you will receive a VOUCHER for 2022 or your money back.

However, this guarantee does not apply to other reasons such as personal concerns, restaurant closures, etc.

  • on the amount of the deposit requested

To confirm your booking, you will only be asked for a deposit of 15% instead of the usual 30%.

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CAP NORE JUNE 19 AND 20, 2021 at Villegly in the Aude department

The Cap Nore is a meeting place for all mountain bikers looking for unspoilt countryside in the Aude region around Carcassonne. The CAP NORE event is a meeting place for mountain bike enthusiasts and lovers of thrills and magnificent landscapes of all levels. Your Le Martinet rouge campsite is a partner of the event, located 12 km away.

cape nore mountain bike event at cap nore in Aude
photo credit : ATAC VTT

Join us for a mountain bike ride up and down the slopes of the mythical Pic de Nore, 1211 meters above sea level.

Every year, over 1,500 participants sign up for one of the many events on the program. The ATAC club and the Association Terre d’Aragon en Cabardès were behind the success of this major event, a real celebration of mountain biking.

Cap Nore program

  1. Deval Nore: 30 km downhill!
  2. On Sunday, for mountain bikers, 5 rides: 105km, 85km, 65km, 40km, 25km. Departure is free between 6:30 am and 8:30 am.
    For climbers on foot, 11km with a positive vertical drop of 200 metres.

All the program here

cap nore mountain bike montagne noire

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mountain biker, take advantage of this unique event in the Aude region to experience the thrill of a weekend near Carcassonne. You’ll also enjoy the magnificent scenery as you stroll around the campsite, ending with a moment of idleness by the pool.

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Our partner, ATAC, an outstanding club
The ATAC club, founded in 1991, is one of the biggest in France, with 256 members who meet up every week to ride the 530 km of twelve mountain bike trails in the Cabardès and Minervois regions. In the Cabardès region, you’ll discover vineyards, olive groves, garrigue on the plains, holm oak forests and the Montagne Noire. ATAC is also a mountain bike school. The club offers mountain bike and electric-assist bike rentals. ATAC also offers hiking trails: GR N°36 which crosses theAude, a 4 km botanical trail, and four 7 and 9 km hiking trails for the commune ofAragon, as well as numerous paths and tracks in the Montagne Noire.

CAP NORE mountain biking in Aude near Carcassonne

Your Aude campsite Le Martinet Rouge is offering two new family activities. The Olympiad for adults and teenagers and the Family Game for parents and children are organized by our French Intelligence Force team, alternating once a week.

Join the French Intelligence Force (FIF)!

The French Intelligence Force (FIF) is Europe’s most formidable secret intelligence and intervention force. Their agents are real ghosts. This section is sent to settle conflicts requiring the utmost discretion to avoid creating diplomatic problems.

Founded in 1811, Le FIF (known as OGE, Organisation des Guerriers- Espions when it was first created) is the intelligence service responsible for France’s internal security, but unlike their counterparts in the French intelligence services, the French Intelligence Force is a totally secret service, and also has several intervention units and spies scattered across many countries.

Only the best groups of agents manage to validate the
entry test. To qualify, future agents must take one of 2 entry tests:

FIF Family Olympiad

The Olympiads are a series of physical and intellectual intellectuals, only the Olympiad-winning group to validate its entry ticket to the French Intelligence Force.

These 9 tests will be divided into 5 intellectual tests and 4 physical tests :

Intellectual tests

60-second game
-Blind Test
-Personality ranking Do-it-yourself test

Family Game FIF

Physical tests
-Parcours du Combattant -Potato sack race

A parent and child form a team. Teams will have to compete in 7 events in which families will work together to seek victory. The family with the highest number of points will be selected at the FIF.

The 7 tests will be divided into 4 games and 3 tests:

– Water game + Tumbler
– Potato sack course
– Nut clearance
– Archery
– Reverse quiz
– Blind Test Disney -Articule

During your stay near Carcassonne, you also have access to a wide range of leisure facilities for you and your children. The swimming pool with slide, the enclosed sports field, the playground, not forgetting the snack bar for relaxing moments tasting local products.

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Cancellation insurance for your stay in Aude

We offer an optional “Cancellation and Interruption of Stay” insurance policy.
which you can take out when booking your stay at our campsite in the Aude. Our partner Gritchen Affinity is committed to
to reimburse all or part of the stay only to customers who have taken out Campez Couvert insurance in the event of a covered claim (25 guarantees).
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The terms and conditions are available here:

during your

What to do if you need to cancel your stay in the Aude?

1/ It is important to notify us by post or e-mail.

2/ Declare the claim on the Campez Couvert website

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It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • The insurance premium must be paid in full at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
  • In the event of a claim, you must notify the company within 48 hours of the event and provide all the necessary information and supporting documents.
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You can report the claim either :

– Online

– email

– fax: 09 72 28 76 92

– By post: Gritchen Tourisme & Loisirs

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18024 Bourges Cedex
Cancellation and interruption of stay insurance reimburses the full amount paid if you fall within the applicable grounds, before arrival, and the amount of the unused stay pro rata temporis in the event of late arrival or early return.

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