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Located in Cathar country, in the heart of the Toulouse-Montpellier-Barcelona triangle, at the crossroads of two major arteries dating back to ancient times, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, from the Cevennes to the Pyrenees (source of the Aude), your camping Le Martinet Rouge is at the crossroads of a number of tourist circuits: historical, gourmet food and wine, cultural and gastronomic. cathar castles and walks to discover the local flora and fauna. Visit the medieval city of Carcassonne, the Bastide Saint-Louis, Château Lastour and many other monuments of the Aude region’s heritage. And don’t forget the Canal du Midi, where you can hire a boat for an afternoon family trip to Carcassonne.

The Aude is at the crossroads of several prestigious regions: at the foot of two mountain ranges, the Pyrenees to the south and the Montagne Noire to the north, the Mediterranean coast, the Catalan region with nearby Spain, the Languedoc lands, the Aquitaine basin… All boasting fabulous landscapes, a pleasant climate and an exceptional historical heritage.

From prehistoric caves to medieval towns, from Roman abbeys to Roman ruins, from the Canal du Midi to Mediterranean beaches, from great vineyards to legendary gastronomy…Aude has a wealth of unmissable treasures and landscapes to discover. Your campsite in the Aude opens the doors to an extraordinary region to discover

Aude towns and villages not to be missed

Pradelles-Cabardès and glaciers

The village of Pradelles-Cabardès lies at the foot of Pic de Nore, the 1211-meter-high peak of the Montagne Noire. For a long time, until the mid-19th century, the town’s climatic characteristics enabled its inhabitants to develop ice cream production for the entire region. We poured the snowdrifts into circular moulds before compacting it to make […]

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Lastours and its four castles

Lastours and its four Cathar castles Lastours, a major site in the Pays Cathare, was the main lock of the Cabardès region. It’s close to Carcassonne, just 20 km from your campsite. This exceptionally rich archaeological site features 4 castles built on a rocky spur 300 m above sea level: Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and […]

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Castelnaudary in the Aude department The famous city of cassoulet is just 38km from your campsite in the Aude. In addition to this gastronomic stopover, the town has many surprises in store for its visitors. With the midi canal running through it, Castelnaudary, a fortified medieval town close to Carcassonne, is a pleasant place to […]

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Aragon, a summit village in the Aude department

ARAGON in Cabardes Your campsite near Aragon. Just 8 km from your campsite in the Aude, Aragon is a visit not to be missed. From the top of its rocky outcrop, this small village overlooks the Trapel and Valette streams, harboring vestiges of its medieval past. In addition to its charming little streets, Aragon boasts […]

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Montolieu, Book and Arts Village

Campsite near Montolieu The village of Montolieu, a village of books and the graphic arts The Village de Montolieu is a charming village in the Aude region of Languedoc-Rousillon, just 20 minutes from the medieval city of Carcassonne. Books are king in the village of Montolieu Montolieu, a village of just over 800 inhabitants near […]

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What to see and do in Carcassonne? Your Le Martinet Rouge campsite has the great privilege of being close to one of France’s most beautiful cities: Carcassonne. This medieval city was built on a site known since Neolithic times as a crossing point between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Bordered by two rivers, […]

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Discover Aude’s diverse landscapes: walks, hikes, picturesque sites

To the northeast, in the Narbonnais region, lagoons and ponds form a natural barrier between land and sea, the preferred habitat of pink flamingos and white stilts, which easily adapt to the constraints of a dry climate and flooded land.

Returning west to the Corbières, the largest region in the Aude, we find scrubland, garrigue and vines, a landscape created by deforestation linked to livestock farming, and home to many species of orchid. A land of medium-sized mountains, the Corbières are dominated by the famous Budarach peak.

The Pays de Sault, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, is made up of three plateaus cut by deep fault lines. They are dominated by beech and fir forests, forerunners of the nearby mountains. This topography is also found in the northern part of the Montagne Noire, Cabardès and Minervois regions.

In the north-west of the Aude department, the Lauragais region, nicknamed “Little Tuscany”, is made up of hedged farmland and gentle hills, dominated by cereal-growing farmland, punctuated by lakes such as Lac de Ganguise.

Returning to the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the Carcassonnais, the area around your campsite in the Aude, stretches out across a vast plain around its famous medieval city, and is the driving force behind the department.

Further south, the upper Aude valley and the Razès and Quercob regions, with their mid-mountain landscapes and numerous isolated villages, including the famous Montségur, the last Cathar city.

Black Mountain

The Montagne Noire, its lakes and hiking trails The Montagne Noire in Aude Located in south-west France, the Montagne Noire is a mountainous region in the Aude department of the Occitanie region. This region is characterized by its spectacular natural scenery, rich history and unique culture. From your campsite near Carcassonne, in Brousse et Villaret, […]

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4 hikes around Carcassonne at Brousses-et-Villaret

Le Martinet Rouge campsite is ideally located for hiking in the surrounding woods and garrigue in the Aude department. They are accessible to all, with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the distance, but all allow you to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the region around Carcassonne. Click on the image to download the map […]

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Hiking in the Montagne Noire

In June, at Pentecost, go hiking in the Black Mountains The Montagne Noire in the Aude region as you’ve never seen it before! pentecost weekend Take part in FESTIRANDO on June 4,5,6 and enjoy our FREE guided hikes, departing from 5 Montagne Noire villages (2 to 4 departures per day, tour details on flyer).Incredible walks […]

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Motorcycle tour of the Montagne Noire

This route starts from Brousse et Villaret, where your campsite is located, and heads towards Mazamet (D103 then D118). It’s a pleasant route between the mountain landscapes and the high plateaus of the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park. It offers cultural detours such as the Cathar town of Hautpoul, alternating between small roads in forested […]

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The Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi The Canal du Midi, a Renaissance The Canal du Midi, which passes to the south of your campsite near Carcassonne, is a remarkable technical achievement for a 17th-century construction, linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. It’s state-owned, and after a long period of neglect, it’s been regaining its glory since 1990, […]

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Your campsite near Gouffre géant de Cabrespine   Just 31 km from your Martinet Rouge campsite in the Aude, the giant chasm of Cabrespine, a geological wonder, awaits you in the heart of the Montagne Noire. Located above the village of Cabrespine, this is one of the world’s largest caves open to the public. One […]

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The Limousis Caves

Limousis caves Just 20 kilometers from your campsite, the Limousis cave north of Carcassonne offers a unique visit. It’s one of a series of concretion caves in the Aude department that have been declared a World Natural Heritage Site. Limousis A refuge since prehistoric times Thanks to archaeological excavations carried out in conjunction with the […]

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Discover Aude’s rich cultural heritage

Pennautier Castle

Pennautier Castle The Château de Pennautier, an Occitan treasure In the heart of the Languedoc region, 15 km from your campsite, the Château de Pennautier opens its doors to you. This magnificent building has been described as the “Little Versailles of Languedoc”, its classical architecture being so reminiscent of the château of the Sun King. […]

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Villelongue Abbey

Villelongue Abbey The Cistercian abbey of Sainte-Marie de Villelongue, now a private estate, is located in the commune of Saint-Martin-le-Vieil, between Carcassonne and Castelnaudary, just 15 km from your campsite in the Aude. Today, it’s a ruined abbey, but still boasts a beautiful cloister, adorned with ornate capitals characteristic of the Languedoc Southern Gothic style. […]

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Cabardès wines in Languedoc

Languedoc wines appellation Cabardès Your campsite is located in the heart of the Cabardès vineyards, an AOC appellation covering 550 hectares of vines south of the Montagne Noire, close to your Le Martinet Rouge campsite. The soil is not very fertile, but is particularly well-suited to quality production. Cabardès is the only wine that blends […]

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The Brousses Paper Mill

The Brousses Paper Mill Camping at Brousses et Villaret in the Aude, visit to the artisan paper mill 20 minutes from Carcassonne, 2km from your Le Martinet Rouge *** campsite, in an enchanting setting, the Moulin à Papier de Brousses invites you to experience the secrets and magic of handmade paper. In the heart of […]

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Montolieu bookshops

At Montolieu, books are our specialty Montolieu’s fifteen or so bookshops welcome you to the friendly streets of the book village, just a stone’s throw from your Le Martinet Rouge campsite. If you’re drawn to reading by taste or curiosity, hundreds of metres of shelving await you. You’ll find books on every conceivable subject, to […]

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Château de Saissac

Château de Saissac Camping near Château de Saissac Just 10 km from your campsite, come and admire the Château de Saissac, perched on a rocky spur overlooking the Vernassonne ravine. Positioned at the entrance to the Montagne Noire, this castle played a major strategic role in the days when valleys had to be protected. Château […]

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Aude’s gastronomic treasures – markets – vineyards

You can’t pass through Occitanie without discovering its gastronomy, tasting local produce, visiting local markets and enjoying the creativity of our chefs in the superb restaurants around the campsite. Let us guide you!

Restaurants around the campsite

Our selection of restaurants around your campsite near Carcassonne During your stay at the campsite, take the opportunity to sample the specialities of the Aude region. Discover the talent of our chefs by making reservations at restaurants close to the campsite, some of them in picturesque locations. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet meal or […]

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Markets around Carcassonne in the Aude department

Markets around Carcassonne in the Aude department Discover the local products of the Aude region, the scents and flavors of the markets around the Brousses et Villarets, Le Martinet Rouge campsite. We propose you the list and the days of markets around the campsite. BROUSSES and Villarets Tuesdays from 5:30pm to 10:30pm. Just 500 metres […]

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Cassoulet recipe

Cassoulet de Castelnaudary Cassoulet is not just a recipe whose origins are disputed, it’s also part of the heritage of the Cathar region of southwestern France. Photo credits: BrokenSphere [CC BY-SA 3.0 (] In response to the many questions you’ve asked us when visiting your campsite near Carcassonne and Castelnaudary, we’ve decided to devote an […]

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Cabardès wines in Languedoc

Languedoc wines appellation Cabardès Your campsite is located in the heart of the Cabardès vineyards, an AOC appellation covering 550 hectares of vines south of the Montagne Noire, close to your Le Martinet Rouge campsite. The soil is not very fertile, but is particularly well-suited to quality production. Cabardès is the only wine that blends […]

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Aude highlights

Carcassonne Festival

Occitanie’s biggest festival. ALL PROGRAMMING IN REAL TIME HERE The Carcassonne festival is now ranked among the top 10 festivals in France. With 200,000 visitors a year from the 4 corners of France and abroad. A festival in the Aude department, during the month of July, set in the medieval city of Carcassonne with its […]

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Fishing in the Aude

Where to fish in the Aude region around Camping Le Martinet Rouge, near Carcassonne? AUDE and MONTAGNE NOIRE, A FISHING REGION The Montagne Noire and the Aude offer a rich environment and varied landscapes for all fishing enthusiasts. The Montagne Noire lies at the southern end of the Massif Central, north of Carcassonne mainly in […]

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Fun and sports activities

Week of the Bernard family who love sports and fun activities Our selection of fun and sporting activities around the campsite for an invigorating vacation! Sunday: Mountain biking along the Canal du Midi (8 km) From Toulouse, the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, to the town of Agde, you can cycle along the famous Canal […]

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Family cultural tour in Aude

A typical week for Martin and Céline, who love cultural visits in the Aude. Here’s a typical program for a cultural stay in the Aude at Le Martinet Rouge campsite in Carcassonne. Great places to visit as a couple, with friends or family. Enjoy! Guided tour. Sunday : Visit to the Paper Mill ( 900 […]

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The Limoux Carnival takes place every weekend from mid-January for 10 weeks. It’s one of the world’s longest carnivals, with bands of Pierrots marching along accompanied by musicians.
Also in the Limoux region, the “Toques et clochers” event celebrates gastronomy during the Palm Weekend preceding Easter week.

Every summer, the Carcassonne festival hosts a wide range of concerts and cultural events, culminating in the city’s blaze of glory on July 14th.

Saint Peter’s Day is honored by the fishermen’s festival in Gruissan and Leucate in the last days of June. The evening sees a maritime serenade in the streets of the town, and the following day a procession is organized in which a ceremonial boat is carried to the church and to Leucate.

The Mondial du Vent water sports competition (kite surfing and wind surfing) also takes place in Leucate in spring. An opportunity for visitors to enjoy a variety of activities.

In May, the women’s Tour de l’Aude pays tribute to women’s cycling, with this event counting towards the cycling world cup.

Aude in days gone by, a bit of history

It was in the neighboring department that the Tautavel man was discovered, the oldest skull in Europe, demonstrating that the region was already occupied 450000 years ago.

Aude is home to numerous natural and underground cavities. The limestone of the Pays de Sault is one of the most extensive areas for the formation of cavities. There are numerous chasms (Cabesprine) and caves (Limousis- Aguzou), some of which show the remains of early man.

During the Roman period, Narbonne, a busy port and key crossroads between the Via Aquitania and the Via Domitia, was first occupied. For more than two centuries, the region was at peace, which led to strong economic development. But Visigoth incursions disrupted this prosperity, and the Visigoths established themselves for the long term, making the Aude the territory of Septimania (7 bishoprics) until the country was divided between three counties: Carcassonne, Razès and Narbonne.

It was in the 13th century that the region was deeply marked by the Cathar religion and the violent unrest associated with it. Deemed heretical by the Church and its Pope Innocent III, Catharism was defended by Count of Toulouse Raymond VI, alone against the northern barons, united with Simon de Monfort for the Albigensian Crusade, which saw the Cathars wiped out.

A new crisis arose from the war of religion between Catholics and Protestants, which saw the latter defeated at the Battle of Castelnaudary in 1632 and its leader Henri II de Montmorency executed.

The département was created in 1790, during the French Revolution.

Aude Cathar country

With the development of tourism, the Aude has chosen to communicate its strong Cathar identity, with numerous Cathar castles castles on its territory. The citadels of vertigo, these fortresses built on rocky peaks attract thousands of visitors every year. This strong identity combining chivalry, Catharism and mystery (Bugarach, Trésor de l’abbé saunière, Montségur) maintains the appeal of the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

The particular history of the Aude region has forged the department’s exceptional heritage, with the Cathar religion pitted against Catholicism, which is very present in the many abbeys. But even if Catharism was only a parenthesis in the history of the Aude region, the nearby border with Aragon shaped the landscape and identity of these lands, which had to be defended when they were acquired by the Kingdom of France.

With its sandy beaches, marine lakes, whitewater, forests, peaks and plateaus, gorges and avens, there’s plenty of natural scenery to discover in every season and set off to discover an authentic region with a strong sense of identity. The Aude tells our story, come and experience it for yourself…

To visit the Canal du Midi by bike, we recommend the following website:

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Camping Aude for Tourism in Aude in Languedoc Roussillon, a campsite in Cathar country

Discover the Pays Cathare in the AUDE region from Le Martinet Rouge campsite

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