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Our selection of restaurants around your campsite near Carcassonne

During your stay at the campsite, take the opportunity to sample the specialities of the Aude region. Discover the talent of our chefs by making reservations at restaurants close to the campsite, some of them in picturesque locations. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet meal or a quick lunch, you’ll find a variety of choices in the Brousses et Villaret area. Here are some of our favourite establishments

Restaurant le Lauthier – 1km

restaurat le Lauthier dans l'Aude

Located in Brousses, 1 km from the campsite, Le Lauthier welcomes you in its large stone-walled dining room or in the shade of its tall trees, where you can enjoy themed tapas dishes such as the “assiette tout canard” or the “assiette de la mer”. Finish your meal with Elody’s delicacies.

Domaine Lauthier Haut

06 86 66 69 36

Le 7ème péché, Tearoom 1km from the campsite

Domaine Lauthier le Haut
06 17 21 11 92

Bar-Restaurant La Prise d’Alzeau – 9 km from campsite,

Under cool trees, next to the Alzeau River, the restaurant serves traditional and creative home cooking in a serene, invigorating setting. There’s a wonderful walk along the Rigole, on foot or by bike, available for hire from the campsite.

La Forge, Lieu-dit Prise d’Alzeau
04 68 25 46 94

Auberge de Pantouquet – 7 km from campsite

In this restaurant, 7 km from the campsite, you can enjoy wood-grilled meats, snails and other generous dishes, in summer facing the small lake and in winter by the wood-burning stove.

L’Estanquet De La Chapelle – 7km from campsite

Located in Caudebronde, 7 km from the campsite, this Snack/Bar offers excellent dishes and delicious meats at affordable prices.

3 chemin Saint-Pierre

04 68 76 40 13

L’Estanquet de la Chapelle

Les Trois Fontaines – 13 km

Bar/restaurant 13 km from campsite

23 Route de Mazamet

11390 les Martys

04 68 26 59 22

L’Auberge de l’Orbiel – 17 km

Located in Lastours (17 km from the campsite) at the foot of the four castles, this inn offers traditional French cuisine. Open every day of the week from 10am to 6pm and evenings by prior arrangement.

16 route des 4 châteaux

04 68 77 18 07

L’Evasion – 5 km

Located in Cuxac-Cabardès (5km from the campsite), L’Evasion is a bar/restaurant offering a wide range of cuisine

Reunionese and Creole. This restaurant offers takeaway sales.

Thé and Co – 5km

Organic restaurant in Montolieu (5 km) and Boutique du Terroir

3 place Jean Guéhenno

04 68 79 80 12

Café du Commerce – 5km

Restaurant – Pizzeria in Montolieu (5km from campsite)

1 place des Tilleuls


Cap and hat

Restaurant in Montolieu (5km from campsite)

2 Place de la liberté

04 68 24 76 72

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