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Where to fish in the Aude region around Camping Le Martinet Rouge, near Carcassonne?


The Montagne Noire and the Aude offer a rich environment and varied landscapes for all fishing enthusiasts.

where to fish in the Aude? map of fishing spots
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The Montagne Noire lies at the southern end of the Massif Central, north of Carcassonne mainly in the Aude département, but also bordering the Tarn, Haute Garonne and Hérault departments. It stretches for 70km and the Pic de Nore culminates in the Aude department at an altitude of 1211 metres.

The possibilities There’s plenty of fishing in the waterways of the Montagne Noire: rivers, waterfalls, lakes and reservoirs. attract many anglers.

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In the Valley near Carcassonne, from major rivers and the Canal du Midi offer great fishing opportunities in peaceful surroundings.

Let’s not forget the Mediterranean Sea, which lies 1 hour’s drive from Le Martinet Rouge campsite.


river fishing spots in Aude

On the slope southeast of the Montagne Noire, the climate is mild and Mediterranean. From Numerous rivers and streams flow down from the Montagne Noire. The rivers of 1st category rivers such as Le Lampy, l’Alzeau or la Dure offer you superb Fario trout. These rivers become lower in the mountains with their various tributaries of second-category rivers and, in the valley, large rivers such as the Fresquel, Orbiel and Argent Double, all tributaries of the Aude, superb rivers where you can fish for all types of fish. fish.


fishing on the canal du midi

In the Valley, 12km from Camping Le Martinet Rouge, the Canal du Midi links Toulouse, Castelnaudary and Carcassonne to the Mediterranean. This magnificent waterway, one of Europe’s oldest canals, is still in use today. on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, you’ll be able to enjoy allows you to catch a wide range of fish: pike, perch, pike-perch, black-bass, catfish and sometimes very fine specimens of catfish.


Multiple Lakes, dams and bodies of water, located either on the heights of La Montagne Noire, or in the Aude valley around Carcassonne, offer numerous fishing opportunities:

  • The Saint Denis Basin (in 6km from the campsite) with a surface area of 7ha and surrounded by a hiking trail, is a 1st category water body, where you will find brown trout.
  • The Galaube dam (at 11km from the campsite) is a water retention basin, with a surface area of 65ha. Located near the Prise d’Alzeau, source of the Canal du Midi, this is a 1st category lake where you will find trout. Farios.
  • The Lampy Basin (17 km away) of the campsite) is a 23-hectare water reservoir which feeds the Saint Férréol lake. This is a 1st category lake where you can you can fish for Perch and Fario trout.
  • Cammazes dam (at 18km from Camping), with a surface area of 90ha, supplies drinking water to neighboring municipalities. This is a body of water 2nd category, where you will find pike, zander, perch and brown trout.
  • Lac de Saint Férréol (at 27km from the campsite), with a surface area of 67ha, collects the waters of the Montagne Noire to direct them, via the Rigole, towards the Canal du Noon. The lake offers a leisure base with equipped beaches and opportunities for short cruises. A footpath takes you on a tour of the area. tour in the cool undergrowth. Lac de Saint-Férréol is a body of water 2nd category where you can fish for pike-perch, perch and carp.
  • Lac de Laprade (15km from campsite), covering 90 hectares, is surrounded by walking trails, illustrated by educational panels on the fauna and flora of the region. local flora. This is a 1st category lake where you will find gudgeon, perch and trout.
  • Lac de Montagnes (22km away) of the campsite) is a 4-hectare lake 700 metres meters above sea level. The lake offers a leisure base and a high fish density in white fish. This is a 2nd category lake where you will find rotangle, chub, gudgeon, roach, perch, brown trout and carp.
  • Lac de la Cavayère (at 26 km from the campsite) is located next to the medieval city of Carcassonne. It’s a a 22-hectare lake sheltered from the wind, offering a leisure and recreation base. more than 200 meters of bathing beaches. This is a 2nd category where you can fish for carnivorous fish, pike-perch, perch, etc. Black bass, pike and eel.
  • Lac de la Gonguise (at 50km from the campsite), with a surface area of 280ha and more than 6km long, is the largest body of water in the department of l’Aude. In a natural, unspoilt setting, you’ll find on the banks of the river Nautical base for sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. This is a 2nd category water body with a rich diversity of fish species in whitefish, carnivores (pikeperch, pike, perch) and cyprinids (bream), Carp, …).

Whether you’re an experienced or occasional angler, camping Le Martinet Rouge is ideally located for access to the many lakes and rivers that stretch from the Montagne Noire to Carcassonne and from Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea.



If, during your you would like to take part in one or more fishing days, either on your own or in a group. in a group, the team at Camping Le Martinet Rouge will be able to approach a a recognized fishing guide and will inform you of his rates and availability.

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