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Lastours and its four Cathar castles

Lastours, a major site in the Pays Cathare, was the main lock of the Cabardès region. It’s close to Carcassonne, just 20 km from your campsite.

This exceptionally rich archaeological site features 4 castles built on a rocky spur 300 m above sea level: Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Quertineux. These buildings have been constructed according to the structure of the rocks and are not connected to each other.

Lastours castle in the Aude department

They dominate the village, which stretches out on the hillsides along the Orbiel river, while the medieval village of Castrum de Cabaret nestles at the foot of the citadels, in the hollow of the valley.

This medieval treasure was unearthed during archaeological excavations, bringing it out of oblivion and bringing back to life the time of the Albigensian Crusade, a disastrous page in the history of Cathar country.

Indeed, the lords of Cabaret were linked to Catharism and were attacked by Simon de Montfort, leader of the royal armies. After the defeat of the Cathars in 1229, the castles were rebuilt as royal fortresses.

During your visit, you can see “Lastours, 4000 years of history”, the archaeological exhibition featuring 25 years of archaeological excavations.

visit to the ruins of Lastours castle

Château de Cabaret has been restored. A team of stonemasons and masons specializing in historic monuments worked on the tower of the Château de Cabaret. The walls were repaired, the stones cleaned and brushed to restore the monument to its former glory. The tour of the Lastours site is divided into two parts:

First of all, the belvedere, which offers a breathtaking view of the Montagne Noire, the ancient mines of Barrenc and, of course, the historic complex of the four citadels of Lastours.
Then the ascent to the châteaux along a specially prepared path that starts at the old textile mill.

This walk will also be an opportunity to discover a “fauna and flora” trail, which accompanies visitors and informs them about the site’s natural environment.

If you love history, geology and botany, Lastours is the place to be during your stay at vote camping. Book your accommodation

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