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Occitanie’s biggest festival.


The Carcassonne festival is now ranked among the top 10 festivals in France. With 200,000 visitors a year from the 4 corners of France and abroad. A festival in the Aude department, during the month of July, set in the medieval city of Carcassonne with its ancient theater, a city which, let’s not forget, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Every evening, over 3,000 people attend the show.

Carcassonne Festival

The Carcassonne festival program continues to evolve, with ambitious choices that have made a name for themselves beyond France’s borders.

Today, the Carcassonne Festival is a not-to-be-missed cultural event. If you’re spending your vacation in Carcassonne, be sure to check out the program below for an artistic experience you won’t soon forget.When you stay at Le Martinet Rouge campsite in July, don’t miss this unique event in France.

The Carcassonne Festival features 120 shows, 80 of which are free because they are the OFF of the festival!

The Carcassonne Festival features contemporary music, classical and folk music, dance and opera. The program features concerts by artists from all horizons: from emerging artists with genius talent to international stars.

In this incredible festival in theAude region, there’s something for everyone among this cultural and artistic diversity.


How do I get to the Carcassonne Festival?

Carcassonne is at the crossroads of southern France in the Occitanie region (formerly Languedoc-Roussillon). 1h00 from Toulouse – 40 min from Narbonne – 1h30 from Montpellier – 1h00 from Perpignan

By plane

  • Airport Sud de France Carcassonne: connections to England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium and Portugal. Information: 04 68 71 96 46
  • Airport Toulouse Blagnac (1 hour from Carcassonne): Toulouse airport Blagnac serves most cities in France as well as numerous international destinations. Information on 0 825 380 000 (€0.15 incl. tax/min.)
  • Airport Montpellier (less than 2 hours from Carcassonne): Montpellier airport serves most of France’s cities as well as numerous international destinations. Information on 0 825 830 003 (€0.12 incl. tax/min.)

By train

Carcassonne S.N.C.F station. Line information direct: 36 35 (€0.34 incl. tax/min.) (From From abroad: 00 33 892 35 35 35)

By car

A9/A61 freeway: exit 24 “Carcassonne Est”.

Take the D6113 towards Carcassonne

Follow Cité Médiévale (to get to the Theatre) Jean-Deschamps or Château Comtal)

Carcassonne Festival: IN stages

Théâtre Jean-Deschamps (Cité Médiévale)

A large amphitheatre in the medieval city. This is where the greatest artists on the French and international music scene. international. Incredible technical resources for an emotional experience in a place steeped in the history of the Cathars. A unique moment to experience with the family.

Google MAP click here

Château Comtal (medieval town)

The Château Comtal is a medieval fortress in the heart of the Cité de Carcassonne. The venue is geared more towards theater and dance, thanks to its outstanding acoustics. For a month, this venue plays host to theatrical and dance performances in the Carcassonne Festival program.

The biggest names in French theater have performed at the Château Comtal as Francis Huster, to give the best to the public carcassonnais .

Google MAP click here

Carcassonne Festival: OFF stages

Chénier stage, Carnot stage, Marcou stage, Hotel de Roland stage, Château Comtal stage, Saint Vincent church.

Where to book and buy tickets

In Carcassonne

PAC BILLETTERIE – 10 rue de la République – Carcassonne

Open Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Other booking points: France Billet network, Ticketmaster, Box Office, Digitick, Festicket and le Bikini

On show nights, we advise you to arrive 2h00 before the show. the start of the show for the Théâtre Jean-Deschamps and 1h00 before for the Château Comtal

All over France and abroad

On the web: PAC Billetterie

By telephone: (+33) 04 68 115 915 (ticketing service from Festival / payment by credit card)


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Festivals de l’Aude, the Carcassonne festival

photo credit:Jean-Baptiste Bellet | Flickr

Where to fish in the Aude region around Camping Le Martinet Rouge, near Carcassonne?


The Montagne Noire and the Aude offer a rich environment and varied landscapes for all fishing enthusiasts.

where to fish in the Aude? map of fishing spots
CLICK TO ENLARGE – Where to fish in AUDE

The Montagne Noire lies at the southern end of the Massif Central, north of Carcassonne mainly in the Aude département, but also bordering the Tarn, Haute Garonne and Hérault departments. It stretches for 70km and the Pic de Nore culminates in the Aude department at an altitude of 1211 metres.

The possibilities There’s plenty of fishing in the waterways of the Montagne Noire: rivers, waterfalls, lakes and reservoirs. attract many anglers.

fishing lake Aude

In the Valley near Carcassonne, from major rivers and the Canal du Midi offer great fishing opportunities in peaceful surroundings.

Let’s not forget the Mediterranean Sea, which lies 1 hour’s drive from Le Martinet Rouge campsite.


river fishing spots in Aude

On the slope southeast of the Montagne Noire, the climate is mild and Mediterranean. From Numerous rivers and streams flow down from the Montagne Noire. The rivers of 1st category rivers such as Le Lampy, l’Alzeau or la Dure offer you superb Fario trout. These rivers become lower in the mountains with their various tributaries of second-category rivers and, in the valley, large rivers such as the Fresquel, Orbiel and Argent Double, all tributaries of the Aude, superb rivers where you can fish for all types of fish. fish.


fishing on the canal du midi

In the Valley, 12km from Camping Le Martinet Rouge, the Canal du Midi links Toulouse, Castelnaudary and Carcassonne to the Mediterranean. This magnificent waterway, one of Europe’s oldest canals, is still in use today. on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, you’ll be able to enjoy allows you to catch a wide range of fish: pike, perch, pike-perch, black-bass, catfish and sometimes very fine specimens of catfish.


Multiple Lakes, dams and bodies of water, located either on the heights of La Montagne Noire, or in the Aude valley around Carcassonne, offer numerous fishing opportunities:

  • The Saint Denis Basin (in 6km from the campsite) with a surface area of 7ha and surrounded by a hiking trail, is a 1st category water body, where you will find brown trout.
  • The Galaube dam (at 11km from the campsite) is a water retention basin, with a surface area of 65ha. Located near the Prise d’Alzeau, source of the Canal du Midi, this is a 1st category lake where you will find trout. Farios.
  • The Lampy Basin (17 km away) of the campsite) is a 23-hectare water reservoir which feeds the Saint Férréol lake. This is a 1st category lake where you can you can fish for Perch and Fario trout.
  • Cammazes dam (at 18km from Camping), with a surface area of 90ha, supplies drinking water to neighboring municipalities. This is a body of water 2nd category, where you will find pike, zander, perch and brown trout.
  • Lac de Saint Férréol (at 27km from the campsite), with a surface area of 67ha, collects the waters of the Montagne Noire to direct them, via the Rigole, towards the Canal du Noon. The lake offers a leisure base with equipped beaches and opportunities for short cruises. A footpath takes you on a tour of the area. tour in the cool undergrowth. Lac de Saint-Férréol is a body of water 2nd category where you can fish for pike-perch, perch and carp.
  • Lac de Laprade (15km from campsite), covering 90 hectares, is surrounded by walking trails, illustrated by educational panels on the fauna and flora of the region. local flora. This is a 1st category lake where you will find gudgeon, perch and trout.
  • Lac de Montagnes (22km away) of the campsite) is a 4-hectare lake 700 metres meters above sea level. The lake offers a leisure base and a high fish density in white fish. This is a 2nd category lake where you will find rotangle, chub, gudgeon, roach, perch, brown trout and carp.
  • Lac de la Cavayère (at 26 km from the campsite) is located next to the medieval city of Carcassonne. It’s a a 22-hectare lake sheltered from the wind, offering a leisure and recreation base. more than 200 meters of bathing beaches. This is a 2nd category where you can fish for carnivorous fish, pike-perch, perch, etc. Black bass, pike and eel.
  • Lac de la Gonguise (at 50km from the campsite), with a surface area of 280ha and more than 6km long, is the largest body of water in the department of l’Aude. In a natural, unspoilt setting, you’ll find on the banks of the river Nautical base for sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. This is a 2nd category water body with a rich diversity of fish species in whitefish, carnivores (pikeperch, pike, perch) and cyprinids (bream), Carp, …).

Whether you’re an experienced or occasional angler, camping Le Martinet Rouge is ideally located for access to the many lakes and rivers that stretch from the Montagne Noire to Carcassonne and from Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea.



If, during your you would like to take part in one or more fishing days, either on your own or in a group. in a group, the team at Camping Le Martinet Rouge will be able to approach a a recognized fishing guide and will inform you of his rates and availability.

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camping aude pêche, camping carcassonne pêche

Week of the Bernard family who love sports and fun activities

Our selection of fun and sporting activities around the campsite for an invigorating vacation!

Sunday: Mountain biking along the Canal du Midi (8 km)

From Toulouse, the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, to the town of Agde, you can cycle along the famous Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
A bucolic trip along the river to discover southern towns such as Toulouse, Castelnaudary, Carcassonne, Béziers and Agde by bike, mountain bike or VTC.

Sports break in Carcassonne

Monday: Trekking course and water park at Lac de la Cavayère in Carcassonne (25 km away)

Located on the shores of Lac de la Cavayère, the forest acrobatic park is one of the finest in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. A total of 7 courses for the whole family. There’s something for everyone. Thrills for all. The O2 Aventure park welcomes you all year round at Lac de la Cavayère. The lake is located 5 minutes from Carcassonne.

At the same location, you can also plunge back into childhood in the water park, featuring inflatables in the form of giant slides, trampolines, catapults, slide mats and a climbing wall, accessible from age 5.

The Water-Jump, reserved for a more experienced public, will guarantee adrenaline and thrills for the most daring. Two 21-metre waterslides: one with a springboard at the end of the run will throw you up to a height of 7 metres, and the other will take you down in a bodyboard for a 60-metre glide on the water.

Carcassonne go-karting ( 25 km away)

The karting center offers adult karts (from 15 years old) and children’s karts (from 7 to 14 years old).

Tuesday: Caving safari (30 km away)

Safaris Souterrains are above all underground discovery tours, requiring no particular technical or sporting skills.

Commentaries on the history of the cave, its evolution, etc., enhance the tours.

The Safari Souterrain is an original compromise between a caving activity reserved for the initiated and a classic cave tour open to the general public.

Horizontal cavities, large volumes, magnificent crystallizations and an expedition atmosphere.

In all, around 4 to 5 hours of change of scenery to discover the caves in a different way…

Wednesday: Cycling among the many circuits on offer, departing from Le Martinet Rouge campsite.

Thursday: Sigean African Reserve (80 km away)

The visit to the Réserve Africaine de Sigean starts with a 1-hour drive, followed by a 2.5-hour walk.

Over a 7.5 km route, you will drive through the three African bush parks, home to dwarf buffaloes, impalas, zebras, springboks, ostriches, giraffes, etc.; then on to the Tibetan bear and lion parks, and finally to the three African savannah parks, where you will discover white rhinoceroses, sitatungas, warthogs, Somali donkeys, etc.

After parking your car in the parking lots at the center of the Réserve Africaine de Sigean, the walk takes you along the ponds where pink flamingos, pink-backed pelicans and white storks regularly breed…

You’ll discover the many viewing parks with views of African antelopes, chimpanzees, cheetahs, wild dogs…

The vivarium and alligator house will take you into the mysterious world of reptiles…

At the very least, you should allow between three and four hours for your visit, so it’s best to plan for the whole day!

Friday: Padle, Surf and Flyboard in Gruissan (80 km away)

Gruissan is home to several beaches, including the Plage des Chalets, voted the most beautiful beach in the Aude region. Here you can enjoy the unusual scenery of chalets built on stilts.

Accessible by bike from Gruissan via a path running alongside the canal, it was here that Jean-Jacques Beineix shot 37.2° in the morning in 1986.
The water is very clear and the sand very fine. Sports enthusiasts are not forgotten, with beach volleyball courts and a sailing school.

Saturday: Hike to Lamas on the Montagne Noire (12 km)

The llamas, originally from Latin America, welcome you all year round with your family or group for visits or hikes in the heart of nature. The llamas are friendly, familiar and inquisitive, and are waiting to welcome you. educational reception and children’s activities. The visit the mini tours , day trips are also of interest to groups (seniors, associations, IME…).

If, like the Bernard family, you like fun and sporting activities, you’ll find what you’re looking for among our selection of invigorating vacations in the Aude region at Le Martinet Rouge campsite.

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A typical week for Martin and Céline, who love cultural visits in the Aude.

Here’s a typical program for a cultural stay in the Aude at Le Martinet Rouge campsite in Carcassonne. Great places to visit as a couple, with friends or family. Enjoy! Guided tour.

cultural stay in carcassonne in the Aude department

Sunday : Visit to the Paper Mill ( 900 m away)

A unique 45-minute adventure of discovery and magic!

Fun and interactive tour:
– around the history of paper and its manufacture,
– vintage machines (Dutch batteries, meuleton)
– hydraulic motors (bucket wheel, turbine).
– Demonstration of handmade paper.

Visit to the book village in Montolieu (10km away)

Montolieu welcomes over 52,000 visitors every year.

In Montolieu, you’ll find antique and second-hand bookshops, book and art craftsmen, a museum of the arts and crafts of the book, the Cérès Franco Cooperative Collection, graphic and plastic art exhibitions, a bibliophile collection, educational activities around the book route, sculptors, photographers, painters and a listed heritage site.

Monday: Limousis cave (25 km away)

Every year, the Grotte de Limousis welcomes some 27,000 visitors.

Although the cave has been occupied by prehistoric man and cave bears (scratches on the walls), it’s the numerous concretions that are best appreciated during the 45-minute guided tour.

Over a kilometer-long course, 5 rooms (Columns, Ball, Lac Vert, Disks, Grand Lac) and 2 lakes are waiting to be discovered. And the best is yet to come, with the 4-metre-high, 10-metre-circumference Aragonite Chandelier, the cave’s treasure.

Tuesday: Château de Lastours ( 23 km away)

Every summer, the Lastours site, accompanied by a historical re-enactment company, invites you to discover daily life in the 13th century through a complete immersion in medieval life.

Visitors will be able to watch demonstrations of medieval combat and crossbow shooting, as well as stroll through stalls showcasing various trades and activities, such as herbalism, weaving, blacksmithing and haubergeonerie (the creation of chainmail armor worn by the wealthiest warriors). The knights will showcase the weapons and protection customary in the 13th century.

Château de Saissac (9 km)

The least known of the “Cathar” castles – and yet! It’s the oldest and one of the largest, and a Carbon-14 analysis of a charcoal fragment embedded in the masonry of the keep gave the approximate date of 900 for the construction of this fortification.

According to an architect’s study, the château was built in three different periods.
After the Crusades, Saissac castle was rebuilt with the help of royal engineers.

Wednesday: Visit to the medieval city of Carcassonne (25 km away)

A key city in the formation of the national territory. A center of power for the Counts of Carcassonne and then the famous Trencavel family in the 12th century, it became a royal stronghold governed by a seneschal following the Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229), when royal forces seized Carcassonne, accused of complicity with the Cathars.

It guaranteed the border between France and Aragon until the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659.

Thursday: Visit to the village of Caune, its abbey and marble quarries (35 km away)

The village is home to an incredibly rich historical heritage, which can be discovered on two signposted routes through the village (map at the Tourist Office). As you wander through the medieval streets, you’ll discover the facades of private mansions dating from the 11th to 18th centuries.

As for the abbey, its true origins date back to the 6th century, when, according to legend, a shepherdess saw a spring gushing out at the foot of the cliff, and gave her sick child a drink from it, curing him immediately. Chapels were built on the Way of the Cross as a sign of gratitude, and became a place of pilgrimage.
According to documents found, the present chapel dates back to the 12th, 15th and 16th centuries, and the marble inside is quite impressive. Masses are celebrated daily at 11:30 am.

It’s also a great place for walks and pleasant picnics, with century-old plane trees, rivers and climbing cliffs. It’s also a starting point for hikes.

And don’t forget the marble sculptures in the village, inviting you to discover the quarries that have given Caunes Minervois an international reputation for its incarnate red marble. It was widely used under Louis XIV, notably at Versailles. But it can also be found at the Opéra Garnier… some quarries are still in operation and can be visited today.

Friday: Visit to the giant chasm at Cabrespine (35 km away)

Its dimensions are so exceptional that it is even referred to as a giant chasm. At 400 metres deep, it’s the largest converted chamber in the underground world! It could contain the Eiffel Tower. The chasm was only discovered in 1968, and opened to the public in 1988. During the 45-minute guided tour, you’ll appreciate not only the gigantic size of the cavity, but also its superb aragonite and calcite crystals . A new feature is a glass balcony with 200 metres of space beneath your feet!
Annual visitor numbers are 75,000.

Saturday: Visit to Pennautier castle (19 km away)

Château de Pennautier offers many activities such as tastings and tours of the cellars, wine and cheese workshops, wine and chocolate workshops, tours of the château (Monument Historique), the château is open to the public (every Wednesday in July and August, at 11 a.m. for a guided tour), tours of the vineyards (free guided tour through the vines), play areas and games for relaxation and discovery for young and old and free picnic areas and take-away baskets.

Like the Martin family, enjoy the cultural riches of the Aude.

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